Resolved Resident: The Efficient Way To Sell Mom’s House


Introducing the Resolved Resident Program: A better and more efficient way to sell Mom or Dad’s house.

Our Resolved Resident Program is tailor-made to prepare seniors and their families for the inevitable transition. As professionals in the senior living industry, we’ve had the experience of transitioning a loved one to senior living. When the time comes to transition mom or dad into senior living, things become real and personal fast.

First, it brings painful emotions for the entire family, especially for mom or dad. Next, the immense amount of stress for the family that comes with making tough decisions. From there, a period of unknown with many critical questions that need answers:

How do we decide on the proper care for mom or dad?

Can we afford to pay for care?

What do we do with the house and stuff?

How can we get mom or dad into the proper, safe community as soon as possible?

What Options Do I Have?

This is an extremely stressful time for families and there really isn’t a great solution in the senior living industry to help transition quickly. The usual plan: hire a realtor; who inspects the home and creates a list of repairs and renovations. After that, the renovations and repairs take a few months to get the home retail ready to be listed. As a realtor, I understand and appreciate this solution if it makes sense for the family and mom or dad.

If they have the means to pay for care before selling the home and have the time to sell on the market. This is one of the options we provide in our Resolved Resident Program at Senior Transitions San Diego. However, this is not always the best solution as it can sometimes take several months and tens of thousands of dollars to complete.

Not to mention what comes with selling a home on the market. This includes staging, showings, open houses, inspections, negotiations, fees and commissions. Research indicates that in most cases, homeowners are not able to earn their money back from renovations either. According to, on average sellers only earn 60% of their money back from renovations.

Is Renovating Always The Right Solution?


Consequently, this data shows that it is not always the best option to go full renovation. The result, a losing endeavor that produces the question of where will mom or dad stay while renovations happen. In most cases, mom or dad don’t have the luxury of waiting for months to transition to senior living. In other words, they need help right now and there is a better way.

Solutions That Senior Living Needs

Senior living needs efficient solutions and partners who help make the transition easier for mom, dad and their families. Therefore, we decided to create the Resolved Resident Program to help seniors and their families with the senior living transition. At Senior Transitions San Diego, we are certified Senior Transition Specialists trained to offer efficient senior transition solutions.

We are compassionate folks who are knowledgeable about senior living and real estate. While I am a real estate agent, I understand that most of these situations require a much faster solution. Instead, we focus on helping elder adults to sell their home (plus the “stuff”) with empathy and compassion. As a result, there are no fees, commissions, headaches or an obligation to use our service.

Senior Transitions San Diego Resolved Resident Program Helps:

1. Families transition their loved one into senior living efficiently with less headaches

2. Senior living communities because we can eliminate the long delays from initial tour to move-in date

3. Alleviate a lot of stress for all parties involved in transitioning a loved one into a senior living community

Want to Learn More About?

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your senior living organization, please reach out today. Our goal is to help as many families as we can with the transition into a senior living community. Senior Transitions San Diego is dedicated to assisting elder adults smoothly transition into senior living. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about how we can help seniors, families and senior living professionals.

Our Resolved Resident Program helps mom and/or dad resolve the hurdles while selling their home and their stuff. As a result, they can transition into senior living months sooner than the traditional real estate transaction. Reach out today and partner with Senior Transitions so we can work together to help your families.