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Sell Your Home With Senior Transitions San Diego To Unlock The Equity To Pay For Senior Care

We Buy Homes – Any Size, Location, Condition Or Time Frame.

We are the area’s most experienced senior home buyers and work around your timeline and goals to sell your home. Senior Transitions San Diego can make you a fair, cash offer and are willing to buy your house as-is. Our goal is to eliminate the stressful journey of selling your home and dealing with all the stuff. As Senior Transition Specialists, we work to ensure that the process to sell your home is straightforward, efficient and seamless.

We understand the paperwork involved in real estate transactions to ensure options and accuracy. In Addition, we work hand in hand with you every step of the way so you’ll be taken care of. Above all, our mantra is honesty, integrity and compassion.

If you’re unsure of the options available to sell your home or your loved one’s home, we help navigate the process. As a result, we eliminate the stress of selling your home to pay for senior care. Our as-is cash offer program is best for homes that need work and situations that require a fast close.

Most importantly, to get mom or dad the care they need quickly. This option can help them move in up to 2-6 months earlier than the traditional listing approach. It also removes the need for renovations, cleaning, clearing out and all the stress and time that comes with it.


Senior Transitions San Diego Can Make Move-Ins Happen in Weeks Instead of Months

The 2022 National Averages for Remodel Cost V Added Value


The unfortunate fact is, most remodels simply do not produce a positive when it comes to cost compared to added or resale value for homes. Source for above data:


We Can Also Represent You & List Your Home To Sell At Retail Value

The most efficient solution is to sell your home as-is, we can also represent you as a seller agent. This allows you to list your home for retail value. If your home is at or near retail-ready and does not need renovations, major cleaning/clean-out and you have the time to list the property then this is the best solution for you. We are licensed and insured with Keller Williams and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to sell your home.

As a Senior Transition Specialist and real estate agent brokered with Keller Williams, we have a solid transition process. We help families transition their loved into senior living while reducing stress get top dollar for your home. After that, you can cover senior living costs. We almost exclusively work with seniors and their families to handle all things real estate.

But, service we are most proud of is our Senior Transitions program in San Diego and surrounding areas. If you have a loved one that needs to sell their home in order to transition into senior living, contact us today so we can help in every way we can.

Work with a trusted, licensed and certified Senior Transition Specialist to sell your home and help your loved one transition to Senior Living

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