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Senior Transitions San Diego Mission

At Senior Transitions San Diego, our mission is to provide families greater time with their loves ones by reducing the stress of transitioning into long-term care. We do this by improving the experience, simplifying the process and understanding the rich history and memories rooted in the senior’s home.

We have been certified and trained to offer compassionate solutions for mom or dad and alleviate the stress for the family as well as the senior living professionals helping. By focusing on educating the adult children in the family, the process moves efficiently which results in an improved quality of life for seniors allowing them to age with dignity.

Senior Transitions at the same time creates positive change by offering additional resources for senior living professionals so they can help the families they serve more effectively than they are already.

Compassion, Honesty & Professionalism


As Senior Transition Specialists in San Diego, we have been educated on senior living industry through the Mom’s House program. We have been trained to compassionately and professionally work with families in their time of crisis facing the daunting process of transitioning their loved one to senior living.

We have also been heavily trained in real estate in investing as well as real estate practices in California obtaining a real estate license and working on earning the SRES (senior real estate specialist) designation. While we have many resources to help families during their journey, the main resource we are for senior living professionals and the families they serve is a faster option to sell the home in order to get mom or dad the care they need.

Our process is fairly simple, once a family is referred to us, we reach out to the family to learn more about their situation, time-frame and needs so we can help them in any way we can. From there, we schedule a time to meet them and see their home so we can do a walk through, learn more from the family and provide options for them based on the situation.

If they need to sell their home quickly as-is to avoid renovation costs, dealing with the stuff, cleaning, showings and additional fees, we can make a fair, as-is offer and close on their time-frame. If they have more time and would prefer to list the home for retail, we have plenty of resources to help speed things up.

From renovations, to dealing with the stuff and cleaning, we have the connections to make it happen so we can then represent them as an agent, list their property and get it sold for retail value. If the family is not ready to do either of the above options at the time, we will provide whatever assistance we can for the family and their loved one with our senior living professional and real estate resources. Our number one goal is to help the family and their loved one to be able to get the care they need.

Move-Ins Within Weeks Rather Than Months With Senior Transitions


Senior Transitions San Diego provides senior living communities as well as senior living professionals with a potential life-changing benefit for their families. We never charge fees to the communities or professionals who refer families to us and our main services allows the family to to sell their home as-is without paying fees as well.

If the family prefers to have us represent them as an agent to sell their home at retail value, we do then charge a commission, but provide whatever resources we can to help them save on renovations, dealing with the stuff and cleaning. Our goal is to alleviate the stress that inevitably comes with the transition to senior living.

Senior Living Communities and senior living professionals that participate in our program can have residents move in an average 3-6 months sooner with our main service of purchasing the home as-is. This saves not only time, but money for both the community as well as the family while speeding up the process.

Even representing the family as an agent to list the home for retail, we often are able to find ready, able and willing buyers to move the transaction along as quick as possible with our extensive network. At the end of the day, we just want to help communities, professionals and their families so mom or dad can get the care they need.

We Help Senior Living Professionals Offer Families Another Option

Senior Transitions main objective is to solve one of the biggest challenges families face during their journey to transition their loved one to senior care by offering a simpler, less stressful option to sell mom’s or dad’s house. Our fastest option is to purchase the home as-is so the family does not have to worry about repairs, renovations, cleaning, clearing out the stuff or paying any fees.

By purchasing the home outright, as-is, families are able to close in weeks instead of months and get their loved one the care needed. This option also alleviates the stress of prepping, staging, showings and there are no realtor fees with this transaction. As a matter of fact, there are no fees for this service at all, not for the family, for you or the senior living community!

Senior Transition Lead Engagement Programs – Rejuvenate Old Contacts


We also offer lead engagement along with re-engagement options to assist senior living sales and marketing teams revive old contacts from your CRM.

Senior Transitions Re-Engagement

Our team can re-engage your old contacts, leads and prospects to help get them ready to move in. You have already invested the time and money to build interest in your community for these leads, but they have faded away in your CRM. Let the Senior Transitions team help.

You can share prospects that have not been contacted for at least 30 days and our team will re-engage them on your behalf. Only when the time is appropriate will we introduce them to Senior Transitions San Diego as a potential option to sell their home. Of course, all leads we are able to successfully re-engage will be brought to your attention immediately. We do not charge for this service.

Real-Time Engagement

Similar to our re-engagement service, Real-Time Engagement requires a connection between your CRM and ours which provides an option for your marketing and sales teams to select the Senior Transitions referral option in real-time to share with our Senior Transition Specialists.

This option does require a connection between your CRM and ours but our tech can take care of that part and keep it simple. We do not charge for this service.

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