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Why Senior Transitions San Diego?

Senior Transitions San Diego focuses on helping families solve one of (if not the) biggest challenges that is often part of the process in the journey to transitioning your loved one into senior care. We offer a simpler, less stressful way to sell mom, dad or your loved one’s home in order to pay for senior living.

This can be done a couple different ways depending on the home and your loved one’s current situation. No matter which solution below works best for you, we are honored to help and will do whatever we can to get the most possible for the home while keeping things smooth and stress-free.

As-Is, Fast Cash Offer & Close On Time You Need

First, if there is a very short time-frame to transition into senior living, we can provide an all-cash offer on the home to quickly utilize the equity to pay for care. This solution is often best as we purchase the home as-is so no repairs, cleaning, clearing out or realtor fees are required. This keeps things stress free for the family while allowing a closing time within weeks instead of months so mom or dad can get the care they need now.

This solution is free and does not require renovations, staging or any fees associated with the sale of the home. As Senior Transition Specialists, it is our passion to do whatever we can to make this process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Represent You As An Agent & List Home For Retail Price

Second, if the home is close or at retail value, our Senior Transition Specialist real estate agent, Asher Stefani, can represent the family or senior and list the home on the market to get it sold for retail price. This solution often takes longer and involves more work including potential renovations, cleaning, staging, multiple showings and a real estate commission along with closing costs.

Depending on the home and situation, this may be the best solution and we do our best to keep the process smooth and stress free while working hard to find a credible buyer quickly.

We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions to help transition your loved one into senior living and if you are not sure about either solution above, reach out and we will work with you to create a win-win solution that makes the most sense.


Our Senior Social Mission In San Diego

As senior advocates, we truly care and feel obligated to make a difference in San Diego and surrounding areas to create positive change by connecting with families in search of the best way to navigate the unique journey of aging. We have been certified by Mom’s House as Senior Transition Specialists so our efforts can build a cascading effect of valuable resources to senior living professionals, families and most importantly, seniors.

Our efforts help families during this transition which is often a time of crisis and we work with veterans aid and attendance, placement agents, senior care communities, elder law attorneys and home health agents. The mission at Senior Transitions San Diego is to assist families, seniors and senior living professionals in any way we can to change the way transitioning into senior living has been to an efficient process with less stress that results in a win-win for everyone involved.

Senior Transitions San Diego – Helping Senior Living Professionals Provide Families With More Options

Our Senior Transition Specialist Team

While our internal team is small and tight-knit with Asher, Liezl and Snoopy, we have a wide network of resources to help families during their journey transitioning their loved one into senior living. Asher and Liezl are senior advocates and love to support the senior community volunteering, visiting Liezl’s previous caregiving clients who are now in senior communities and helping seniors transition into senior living.

If you would like to work with a team that truly cares, understands the journey and is willing to go the extra mile for your loved ones, reach out to Senior Transitions San Diego today, we will be honored to help your family!


Asher Stefani

Senior Transition Specialist & Real Estate Agent in San Diego

Asher Stefani is a certified Senior Transition Specialist and real estate agent working on his SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation in San Diego. He also owns a successful marketing and SEO business and is part owner of a local painting business.

He has always loved helping and working with seniors, but his passion transformed when he and his mother had to go through the unexpected journey of transitioning his beloved grandmother into senior living. The process was eye-opening and he has since dedicated his life to helping families transition their loved one(s) into senior living so they do not have to figure it out on their own, but instead have helping hands and options.

Asher loves volunteering at senior communities with his partner Liezl and is proud to say that each of his businesses is For Purpose including Senior Transitions San Diego which donates a portion of their profits to advocating for seniors in San Diego.

Besides working in his businesses, investing in real estate, helping seniors and local businesses, Asher loves to volunteer, give back, read books, hike, ride his bike, kayak, ride horses, watch sports, workout, go to the shooting range and spend as much time with his beautiful family as possible.


Liezl Nilson

Senior Transition Specialist & Senior Caregiver in San Diego

Liezl is a certified Senior Transition Specialist and Senior Caregiver in San Diego. She has worked with seniors for over 10 years and even though she does not have to anymore, she loves it so much she continues to be a caregiver for seniors.

She is the heart and soul of Senior Transitions San Diego with her giant heart and is a major senior advocate. With so much experience working in the senior living industry, Liz is excited to take on this new chapter in her life and help as many families as she can moving forward.

Liezl loves volunteering at senior living communities and events with her partner Asher and soon with Snoopy too. She has always had a passion for being a senior advocate and has known it would be her career since she was little.

When she is not caregiving or helping seniors and their families, Liz loves to volunteer, give back, hike, kayak, ride her bike, ride horses, travel, explore new places, try new foods, workout, go to the shooting range and spend as much time with her beautiful family as possible.



Senior Therapy Dog in Training & Bundle of Joy at Senior Transitions San Diego

Snoopy aka “Snoop Dog” and “Snoopers” is our loving family dog who will be joining our Senior Transitions business once he is fully trained as a therapy dog.

The photo of him above with the collar and tie is from his Basic Obedience Training at Fabi’s Top Dogs in San Diego. In early 2023 he will have his therapy dog certification and be able to join us for volunteering at senior communities throughout San Diego and surrounding areas.

Snoopy is a 1.5 year old American Pit Bull mix with 13 breeds in his DNA including Lab, 4 different herding dogs, others and even a very small percentage of Chihuahua!

He is a super sweet, cuddly boy who loves everyone, especially children and seniors. It’s as if he has a special understanding that he needs to be extra gentle and delicate with them which is amazing. He really loves babies and when Liezl’s brother brings his 10 month old daughter over Snoopy will not leave her side.

We are excited to get him certified so he can work with us and bring joy and smiles to seniors!

What Makes Us Different? Our Commitment To The Senior Living Community

At Senior Transitions San Diego, we are dedicated to doing what we can to help families have more time with their loved ones by relieving the stress that comes with transitioning a senior into long-term care by establishing a better solution for the senior home selling journey. Our main goals are to save families time, money and stress because the transition to senior living is hard enough as it is.

Our senior transition program is a no cost, no-obligation solution for senior living professionals to offer to anyone who visits their senior living community. We help with the high-stress process of selling a home with all the stuff and streamline as much as possible.

Our mission is to empower families with education and options so they can effectively turn home equity into care for their loved one. By educating adult children in the family, we drastically improve the quality of life for seniors and allow them to live out their lives with dignity and comfort.

As a result, our program has created a positive social change in the senior living industry by providing supplemental assets for senior living professionals which empowers them to help the families they serve more effectively.

While we would love to represent your loved one as an agent and list their home if it is retail ready, more often than not, the home is not in a condition to sell at retail price and requires a lot of work before it will even be ready. The traditional real estate experience simply may not meet the needs of the family without having to invest time, money and lots of effort to make the home ready for sale on the market.

Eliminating the process of making the home ready will reduce a large amount of stress for the family. This removes the need for contractors, determining bids, renovations, money to pay for them, removing all the stuff, extensive cleaning, staging and showings. Not to mention, the often extended time-frame needed to get the home ready and then list it.

Again, this all depends on the current situation, is the home retail-ready? Does your loved one have time to wait for the home to sell or do you need to unlock the equity in their home quickly so they can get the care they need?

Whatever your situation, Senior Transitions San Diego is here for you every day of the week, every week of the year. Don’t go at this journey alone, contact our Senior Transition Specialists today and we will be your loved one’s biggest advocate besides you 🙂


Senior Transitions San Diego Is Proud To Work With Veterans & Honor Their Service

Senior Transitions San Diego is proud to honor and work with senior veterans throughout San Diego and surrounding areas to help make sure they receive the benefits and care they deserve. We work with numerous referral partners who specialization and only focus is working with veterans in San Diego. Both Asher and Liezl’s parents served in the military and we are proud to honor all veterans and our beautiful country.

If you or a spouse served in the military, you could be eligible for veterans benefits that will help with transitioning into senior living. We would love to connect you with the right veteran expert to help unlock the benefits you have earned and deserve. Thank you for your service and God Bless America.

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