Mom’s House Certified Senior Transition Specialist


Mom’s House Certified Senior Transition Specialist

The Mom’s House Mission

Mom’s House has a certification program to educate home investors nationwide to provide compassionate solutions for mom and/or dad and relieve stress for daughter Judy (the elder responsible child) during the transition into senior living. Their program allows graduates to empower families with more options and resources to help make the transition smooth and efficient.

We are trained for compassion, education, the senior living industry, thoughtful language and taught to network with senior living professionals in order to make a positive impact for as many seniors, their families and senior living professionals throughout San Diego and surrounding areas.

Throughout the program we are also shown how to educate the adult children during the process which increases the quality of life for older adults and allows them to age with respect and dignity.


Mom’s House Commitment to The Senior Living Community

Mom’s House dedication to seniors and their families helps them alleviate the stress during the transition into long-term care with their solution for the senior home selling process. With this in mind, they established their Resident Readiness program to help save families, time, money and stress. Their program takes care of one of the most stressful parts of the transition process, selling a house with all the stuff.

After having a lot of success helping seniors, their families and senior living professionals, Mom’s House created a nationwide education curriculum to train and certify home investors to “provide compassionate solutions that create a social cascade of impact to families in America.

We empower the families to more effectively turn equity into care for their loved one. By educating the adult children during this process, we increase the quality of life for older adults and allow them to age with dignity. This also creates positive social change by providing additional resources to senior living professionals, enabling them to more effectively help the families that they serve.”

At Senior Transitions San Diego, we are proud to be associated with Mom’s House after going through their excellent certification program to become certified Senior Transition Specialists in San Diego.

To learn more about Mom’s House and their Senior Transition Program, Head over to their website at


Mom’s House – Educating People To Do Good

As the leading experts for senior transitions in the industry, senior living professionals trust Mom’s House and their trainees with families in need of selling a home to pay for senior care. Their intensive certification program is rigorous in order to protect the Mom’s House brand, families and ensure investors truly understand the needs of families transitioning their loved one into senior care.

The certification hones in on Senior Transition Specialists establishing meaningful relationships throughout their local senior living market in order to provide services that help connect other senior living resources to families in need. The Mom’s House goal is to “protect the family and preserve our company’s values while fulfilling our mission.”

Senior-Transitions-San-Diego-Mom's House Training Includes

Asher Stefani & Liezl Nilson Senior Transition Specialist Certifications

In order to best serve the senior community and their families, we have completed the Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialist Certification. We are proud to have this esteemed designation within the senior living industry and are here to help with the emotional and financial stress and crisis families go through when transitioning a senior into to care.

Our focused and holistic approach caring for seniors and their families makes the process of selling a home faster and smoother. Thanks to Mom’s House for establishing such a thoughtful, caring and supportive program to help seniors and their families across the country!

Mom's House Senior Transition Specialist Certification - Asher Stefani
Mom's House Senior Transition Specialist Certification - Liezl Nilson

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